What does ” nombres de ninas en ingles” mean and what are the oldest names in Spanish?


Nombres de ninas en ingles is a Spanish word that means “girl’s names” in English. There are many different popular and ancient girls’ names in Spanish. The list below includes the most ancient girl’s name in Spanish.

Açach Adosinda Visigothic Aio Aldonza Ansurius Aznaro Beatris Berich Briceida Castellana Clarencia Cresconio Cristoval Çulema Diago DionoraDomenga Donadei Eduvigis Egilona Eilo Eldara Enderquina Engraçia Ermengarda Ermesinda Estevan Medieval Estevania Ezmael Medieval Fadrique FalconaFerrando Ferrandus Flaín Fortún Fradegundia Froila Fronilde Fruela Gascon Gelmiro Gelvira Geronima Gilo Gontina Goto Graciosa GrañaGraviel Gudesteo Guillen Gundisalvo Guntroda Ildaria Ilduara Iñiguez Juçe Junez Laurente Liutgarde Madelena Marculfo Marquessa Mauregato Mencia fMenendo Merdocay Missol Monnia Narcisus Ochanda Odelhard Odulina Oger Olall Onofria Ordoño Oreca Oroana Orodueyna Ostosia PaternaPeiro Peironella Placentius Placia Polo Recaredo Reyher Sandalius Scemena Sendina Senthilde Servanda Serventa Servusdei Siserich Sisulf wulf « wolf ». SoloroSolveyllida Sonifrida Talesa Taresa Tegrida Tello Teoda Urraca Velasquita Vevian Viterico Wilesindo Ynes Ysabelo Zaite Zifar


What are the most common girl names in Spain?

Whether the aim so to respect the Spanish heritage or love a unique name for a young child, you will find several suitable options in this list of 65 Spanish names for baby girls. Many are unique, some are beautiful or great, and some have an old taste and may even have biblical colors if that is what you are seeking. Below we mention the most common names in Spanish along with their meaning.

1. Sofia. The Spanish form Sophia in Greek means “wisdom.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

2. Valentina. This word is the female sort of Valentine from the Roman name Valentinus. This word can mean “strong,” “vigorous,” or “healthy’. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

3. Isabella. The name, which is the medieval form of Elizabeth Occitan, evokes a sense of credibility and self-confidence. In Hebrew it means “My God swears.” As Isabel’s version, it was a common name among the Spanish and Portuguese royal families. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

4. Camilla. This Spanish and Portuguese form is the English name for Camila, who was a legendary warrior in Aeneid Virgil. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

5. Valeria. The female form of Valerius means “strong,” as does the more popular name of the Spanish girl Valentina, who ranks second on the list. Several early saints bore this name. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

6. Mariana. This name has Roman roots called Marianus. Some also believe that the name is a combination of Maria and Anna’s names. A cute diminutive is Marianita. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

7. Gabriella. This feminine form of Gabriel in Hebrew means “God is my strength.” Gabriel is an angel who appears in both the Old and New Testaments. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

8. Sara. This is the Spanish form of Sarah, which in Hebrew means “lady,” “nobleman,” or “princess.” Sarah was originally named Sarah in the Bible until God changed her name. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

9. Danila. In Hebrew, the masculine version of the name, Daniel, means “God is my Judge.” The meaning of this biblical name may be strong, but the name itself seems beautiful and melodious. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

10. Maria Jose. Compound names are very common in Spanish-speaking countries, and this combination is the most popular name for girls. This name combines the parents of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Do not think of this as a first name or a middle name, as compound names are read together. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

11. Alejandra The Spanish form Alexandra means “defender of humanity” in Greek. In Greek mythology, there was another name for the goddess Hera, who was the queen of all the gods, as well as the goddess of childbirth and marriage. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

12. Amalia. This Spanish female name is a Latin version of the German name Amala, which can be a good choice for your baby girl as well. The word Amal means “work.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

13. America. This Spanish feminine form of the German masculine noun Emmerich means “whole ruler.” The Spanish form is derived from the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, which is why the Americas is named after him. A popular American actor also bears this name. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

14. Antonia. The feminine form of Antonius, this name has Roman roots. This can mean “priceless” or “flourishing.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

15. Aurelia. The Spanish name is derived from the Roman surname Aurelius, derived from the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. In Latin, this name means “golden.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

16. Barbara. This strong Spanish girl name, derived from the Greek word meaning “foreigner,” has stood the test of time. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

17. Carmen. The medieval Spanish form of the name Carmel, which means “song,” became famous by nineteenth-century French opera of the same name. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

18. Eliana. This Spanish version is called Elaine, which is derived from the Greek word for “sun.” For a baby girl with a sunny nature, this name is beautiful and meaningful. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

19. Fernanda. This is the classic name for the Spanish female figure Ferdinand. This name can be associated with adventure because in German, it means “journey” and “brave.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

20. Leandra. This Spanish feminine form of the masculine name Leander in Greek means “male lion.” Therefore, we may assume that this feminine version means “female lion.” The name also appears in Greek mythology, which can be a good source for unique name ideas. (pronounced leh-AN-dra) (nombres de ninas en ingles)

21. Lucia. The meaning of this name is derived from the Latin word “light.” it was also the name of a saint. This name is derived from the Latin masculine name Lucius. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

22. Maura. The Latin masculine form of this Spanish feminine name is Maurus, meaning mori, which refers to the moras that ruled Spain in the Middle Ages. While this may not sound like a resounding improvement, it is the beautiful melodic pronunciation of the name that makes it unique. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

23. Narcisa. This feminine version is the name Narcissus, which is the name of a young man in Greek mythology who has long stared at his reflection in the lake and turned into a daffodil. Narcissa can be a unique choice for a baby name that is related to nature. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

24. Roquel. This is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Rachel, which means “sheep” in Hebrew. It’s a biblical name and looks more unusual as Rockell than Rachel. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

25. Renata. In Latin, as the masculine form Renatus, the Spanish name means “reborn.” nombres de ninas en ingles)

26. Xiomara. This Spanish form is the male name Guiomar, derived from the German name Wigmar. Guillaume’s name also appears in the legend of King Arthur. But part of what makes this name (syo-MA-ra pronunciation) unique is that it starts with X – many names do not! (nombres de ninas en ingles)

27. Yolanda. This floral name meaning “purple,” is derived from the medieval French name Yolande. Here you will find more irresistible flower names for girls. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

28. Abril. This is the Spanish and Catalan sort of the name April, which is additionally the name of a spring month. In Latin, it can also mean “opening,” which probably refers to the blossoming of spring flowers. This name is suitable for spring babies or baby girls born in April. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

29. Adela. From a German word meaning “noble,” this name is graceful, strong, and very beautiful. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

30. Alba. The feminine form of the name is Albus, which means “dawn” in Spanish, and is a beautiful name for a baby girl born just before sunrise. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

31. Blanca. This clear name, derived from the French name Blanche, means “white” or “fair.”. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

32. Ana. This is a short, beautiful, and elegant Spanish name for Anna. In the Bible, the name is Hannah. Its various names it is also very common in the United States. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

33. Estrella. This name is the Spanish version of the name Frank Philip Stella, which suggests “star (nombres de ninas en ingles)

34. Evita. This Spanish girl’s name is the smallest name after Eve in the Old Testament Bible. It was also the nickname of Eva, the former First Lady of Argentina. You may recognize it from a musical or film based on his life. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

35. Francisca. This word is the Spanish equivalent of the word Francis in English. The name is derived from the Franks, an ancient Germanic tribe, and the masculine form means “French.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

36. Ines. This word is the Spanish version of Agnes, which suggests “chaste” in Greek. there is conjointly a saint with this name. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

37Juana. This word is the Spanish version of Joanna, which is derived from the male name. The famous Queen Castilla bore this name in the 16th century. The beautiful diminutive of this name is Juanita. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

38. Julia. This Spanish form is the masculine name Julius, probably derived from the Roman god Jupiter. Prominent Romans, such as Julia Augusta, wife of Emperor Augustus, bore this name. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

39. Ligia. The Spanish name is derived from the Greek word meaning “clear voice” or “buyer” because it was the name of one of the sirens in the Odyssey. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

40. Luisa. This feminine form is Luis’s Spanish masculine name, which has French and Latin roots. A beautiful crumb is Louisiana. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

41. Luz. This short and beautiful name in Spanish means “light.” It is also the title used for the Virgin Mary as “Our Lady of Light.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

42. Marcia. This word is the Spanish feminine form of the Latin masculine letters Marcus and Marcius, most likely derived from the Roman god of war, Mars. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

43. Marta. This name has the root Aramaic meaning “lady” or “mistress.” It is also associated with the Bible because Martha is the sister of Lazarus. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

44. Maya. In Hebrew, the name means “water,” but it can also refer to Latin American Mayans. If you are considering a Mexican baby name, check this out. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

45. Mia. This name is the Spanish version of Mia, the only difference being the accent mark. This name also stands for Maria. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

46. ​​Paz. The name means peace in Spanish and is also a title for the Virgin Mary. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

47. Rosa. A good-natured name means “rose” and is as classic as a fragrant flower. Derived from the German name Roza. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

48. Angela. The name means “angel” and is derived from the name Angelus, which in Greek means “messenger.” Angelica is a lovely shrinker that you can use as well. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

49. Carolina. The feminine form of Charles’s name is derived from the Latin word Carolus. The original German name Carolus means “man” or “warrior.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

50. Christina. This name is the feminine form of Christine’s male name. Christina was also the name of a saint and a Swedish queen who abdicated and converted to Roman Catholicism. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

51. Esmeralda. The name means “emerald” in Spanish, which means very beautiful. If your baby was born in May, name him Esmeralda because emerald is that month’s birthstone. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

52. Estefania. This name is the Spanish form of Stephanie, named after Stephen the Man, a saint in the New Testament who is considered the first Christian martyr. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

53. Felicidad. In Spanish, this beautiful and melodic name means “happiness.” (nombres de ninas en ingles)

54. Manuela. This Spanish form of the male name Manuel is derived from the Hebrew name Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” What a beautiful meaning for a little girl! (nombres de ninas en ingles)

55. Marcela. As the feminine Latin version of the male name Marcellus or Marcus, the name may be related to the Roman god of war, Mars. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

56. Michaela. This name is the feminine form of the masculine noun Michael, which in Hebrew means “Who is like God?” Is. Michael is also one of the angels of the Bible. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

57. Olivia. This name is based on either Oliva’s female name or the male name Oliver. Shakespeare appears on the twelfth night. A literature lover may like this name for a baby girl. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

58. Palmira. This feminine form is the masculine name Palmiro, which means “pilgrim” and “palm tree.” This name is traditionally given to babies born on Palm Sunday but can be a lovely choice for your little girl, no matter the time of birth.

59. Paloma. This beautiful name from the Spanish word meaning “dove” evokes peace and tranquility. (nombres de ninas en ingles)

60. Patricia. This feminine form is the male name Patrick, derived from the Latin name Patricius meaning “noble.”

61. Paulina. From Paulino’s maiden name, derived from the Latin form Paul, it was the name of a saint who was a wealthy gentleman before giving up everything for his religion. Other names for this beautiful Spanish girl include Paula and Paula.

62. Rafaela. This name is the Spanish and Portuguese female version of the name Raphael, which means “God heals” in Hebrew. Raphael also appears in the Bible as a great angel.

63. Ramona. This name is the feminine form of Ramon, taken from Raymond, a name with Germanic roots and Norman meaning “advice” and “protector.” A saint by that name, the saint of midwives and pregnant mothers, made it ideal for babies.

64. Reina. This beautiful name means queen in Spanish. Derived from the Latin name Regina. It can also be written as Reyna. How beautiful and simple.

65. Viviana. The name of this beautiful Spanish girl refers to a Roman saint from the fourth century. The name means “alive” in Latin.


All in all, nombres de ninas en ingles is a Spanish term whose English equivalent is girl’s names. There are many different girls’ names in the Spanish language, both ancient and modern. The variety and beauty of the Spanish girl’s names are incredibly unique and exemplary. 


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